i tried to type “send me asks?” but i got distracted and something went wrong

send me alligators?

idk much about gsnk but why is asuka so small and excited?

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can we coin a term that means the same as reclaimed “queer” but isnt a slur

or is there a reason why there isnt

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i want that no hetero badge for my backpack at school but my dad doesnt know abt my gay….hm…

my mom once called me a meme



my fav jokes involve sending physical objects through the internet

(emails myself to someone so we can cuddle)

i havent been on turtleseed since the mug incident because i felt the staff made the site unsafe

its a shame bc that site made me really happy..

Kent please don’t read me the entire internet
my mom ←


if i ship a fictional heterosexual couple their writers should congratulate themselves

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