thewitch-tm the luck of a god….i wonder which……….the funyarinpa rings a bell

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to clarify that first tag , i still havent had Romo Feels ever directed at someone ?

??? im feeling kinda romo-y tonight ???

my romo orientation is like three planets and all the time they align differently but occasionally stuff happens and theyre aligned in such a way that

1. actual romo feels in general
2. i care about romo
3. im able to distinguish them from platonic feels

at the same time, but its rare, and i usually just dont care

my mind just put together the sentence “yes, i am a genderweird noodle.” but at least its not as bad as “feed me hummingbirds”

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me: my brother did a bad thing
mom: but you do that too
me: i literally never do that on purpose because i know its wrong. i dont do that
mom: mmm yea youre right. you dont

she does this every time and its just more evidence that she cant accept that my brother might do a bad thing so she instantly blames me as well ??

but when its the other way around she has no problem blaming Just me. hmmm

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mom: haha listen to this article about a same-sex white couple who accidentally got a black kid xD
me: im not listening
mom: …why?
me: im not listening
mom: are you just being rude or was it something i said
me: im not listening
mom: ??????
me: im not listening
mom: why

i wonder


Keeping The Same Tabs Open For 9 Days Straight Because They Contain Information Relevant To Tasks You’re Too Lazy To Complete - A novel by me

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feelin a lot better but ive just ignored all the shittiness so it could flood back down at any time…

aa aa a i love when my fav song shows up on a playlist…yes….i agree…..

growloween HI I JUST SAw that reply

Fur Frog as the mascot of Everything

yayy its october, 21 days until my bday…!


the reason there’s no windows 9 is because we have to seek the window that carries a 9

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