(something gay)

dear asshole who unfollowed me right after i posted to check my triggers page:

gofuck yourself

please read my /tw page so you can tag them for me Pleaseee

and dont bring them up to me okay like if u have a question abt them when it comes to tagging dont just send an ask abt it right away, send an ask like “can i ask you a question about your triggers in order to tag them” so i know beforehand

thanku if you tag them!


[ ] male
[ ] female
[ x ] yee

tomorrow is the first day of school and i dont even have a final schedule

the reality of whats happening hasnt even hit me yet so im just sitting here smiling haha cant wait for it

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nicelyreal asked: whoa i didnt know you liked tokyo ghoul! who is your favourite character?

yeeyeye i love tokyo ghoul and my fav is kaneki!!omg


*touches ground* that feel… there’s no gf here, we have to look elsewhere

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dear homestucks who keep following me from that ancient post: 

i hate homestuck youre not going to find any of it here sorry


protect hinami at all costsmy fingers hurt cause i drew this with my trackpad


protect hinami at all costs
my fingers hurt cause i drew this with my trackpad




“Mudkip” Mudkip mudkipped softly


"Blaziken!!" Blaziken blazikened loudly and punted Mudkip into orbit.


Romantic orientation is just as important as sexual orientation

i would say “romantic orientation: ????????” but ive coined a term for it called evromantic but im so unmotivated to make a post about what the term means pphphp im too gay rn to write analyze the gay

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